Access Control by Phone in Aberdeen, Scotland: Centurion Security

Gone are the days when an an access control system required to be "hard-wired" from point to point.

There are environments where directly-wired systems are either not possible or hugely expensive due to terrain, distance or specific requirement e.g. estates, farms, flats where major re-wiring might be problematic.

Centurion provide a range of wireless and telephone-based audio options to overcome such situations.



This solution will transmit a good signal up to 150 metres, enabling users to speak with visitors via wireless intercom. 

On verification of identity and purpose, the visitor can be allowed access at the simple touch of a button from the remote handset.



For both domestic and commercial applications, Centurion provide audio systems which will connect via a local "land-line" to a remote telephone or mobile using the PSTN network.  As far as the usre is concerned, these systems work in a very similar manner to that of a wireless system -- and form anywhere in the world. 

Thus you can be on holiday abroad and still take that important delivery!

Moreover activating the access control system across a PABX is just as easy.



The development of GSM mobile phone technology allows the use of SIM cards where direct connection to a PSTN line is neither possible nor practical. 

Again, by pressing a button at the gate or door,  the visitor is put in direct contact with the user.  Access is then allowed or denied by the user from his or her land-line or mobile phone.

The same principle applies where the user is activating the access control system via PABX.