Automatic Doors in Aberdeen, Scotland: Centurion Security


Automatic doors are an essential part of many buildings including supermarkets, airports, universities, hospitals and hotels. 

One of the greatest single benefits of automatic entry and exit doors is the ability to offer easy access to everyone.  Many disabled people experience problems using manual doors due to the physical effort required.  The situation is often made worse by poor fitting doors and access designs and the use of heavy door closers.

Most manual doors have been designed with the average able-bodied person in mind and so can be difficult for the disabled, elderly or even mothers with pushchairs to use.  By replacing manual doors with either a fully automatic package, or low energy solutions for a retro-fit application, allows the opening and closing of doors without the need for physical effort.

Auto Sliding Door

Centurion openings, provide one of the widest choices of automatic doors and operator systems available and are widely used in commercial, sports, leisure, retail, education, transport and healthcare environments.

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