Automatic Gate Styles in Aberdeen, Scotland, Aprimatic, BFT, Beninca, CAME, Ditec, FAAC, Nice: Centurion Security

As part of our service in respect of Automatic Security Gates Centurion can provide a full design service in respect of gates and matching railings or fencing.

Gate Construction and Finish

The majority of automatic gates are constructed from steel or wrought iron

While there is no specific rule as to colour, most gates we install tend to be finished in black, sometimes having gold or silver overlays with some features such as finials or circles.  Powder-coated finishes are also available.

In addition gates and surounding structures like posts, railings or fencing can be galvanised.  This process, while involving some additional cost, significantly increases the life of the metalwork by preventing rust, provides virtually maintenance-free product and can even be use as the final finish if preferred.

Gates which are first galvanised, then primed and painted will retain their look for many years without re-painting.

Centurion can also provide fully-timber or part-timber gates.   Normally timber gates would be constructed from some form of hardwood to ensure long life, free from rot.  Generally, timber gates will be fitted to steel posts to ensure strength.  Timber gates also require some metal reinforcing prior to automation, since powerful motors would damage the gates otherwise.

Part-timber gates are constructed from a steel subframe overlaid with timber.  While this can limit overall design it does have the effect of considerably strengthening the gate.

More recently Centurion has provided and installed PVCu gates.  These gates are relatively new in concept and are constructed from an extruded aluminium or steel base overlaid with maintenance-free PVCu.  These can be manufactured to match existing PVCu cladding and windows on the customer's property.

Swing gates tend to offer more flexibility in design than sliding gates, due to the nature of the latters' operation.

In all cases Centurion can provide sound, professional advice.  If you would like to know more about our gate construction and finshes, simply contact us to arrange a free, no obligation survey or security audit.

Gate Styles

Centurion provide a wide range of beautiful and fully-functional gate styles.  Many of these can be viewed in our Gallery (see below)  or by downloading our Style Specification Sheet.

In addition a number of our gate styles can be "mixed and matched".  For example you may like an overall design which has finials at the top and middle of gate, but have seen another style with circles in the middle of the gate, and would prefer to replace the finials with circles.  No problem!  We can tailor each design to your preference.

Styles also depend, in part on the overall dimensions of the gate and opening.  Thus a more ostentatious design for a large opening, say at a castle, can be scaled or toned down to better suit your property and entrance. 

DigiGate Service

Centurion offer a unique, state-of-the-art service, known as DigiGateTM.

Here we take pictures of your existing entrance and superimpose a selection of suitable styles to help you visualise the final effect and choose what is best for your property.

Under DigiGateTM, we then provide you with full colour printouts (or send them by email) in order that you can compare our designs against your existing entrance and property. 

We now have many customers who have chosen a Centurion automatic gate system using this service. 

DigiGate Service Sample

If you would like to know more about our DigiGateTM simply contact us to arrange a free, no obligation survey or security audit. 


Click below to download a Centurion Gate Style Specification Sheet (PDF):


 Download Selection of Centurion Gate Styles PDF