Barriers / Bollards in Aberdeen, Scotland, Aprimatic, BFT, Beninca, CAME, Ditec, FAAC, Nice: Centurion Security

Centurion provide a range of Automatic Security Barriers, Rising Bollards and Manual Security Posts to enable companies and property owners control vehicle access and parking.

In some situations equivalent, more flexible or indeed superior solutions can be provided using Automatic Gate Systems as an alternative method of controlling vehicle access.


Automatic Security Barriers 

Centurion provide a range of Automatic Rising Arm Barriers up to 8 metres.  ideal for car parks and area where vehicle control is required, these can operate either singly or in pairs, effectively doubling the controlled opening width. 

Centurion Automatic Barriers provide fast-action opening/closing, and can be fitted with skirts and signage.

All Centurion Security Barriers incorporate inbuilt and optional safety features, including:

  • Photocells
  • Inductance Loops
  • Electronic Torque Control
Car Park Barrier

Additionally all Centurion Security Barriers can integrate with Centurion Access Control and CCTV Systems for greater security.


Automatic Rising Bollards

Centurion BFT Stoppy Automatic Rising Bollard

Centurion supply and install Rising Bollards such as the BFT Stoppy.  Automatic Rising Bollards are a form of traffic control that, when "open", disappears flush with ground level.  They are aesthetically pleasing and impassable to traffic.

Centurion Automatic Rising Bollards provide a neat solution to preventing the passage of vehicles without the requirement for gates and have a minimal impact on the environment for town centres and historic areas.

Again Centurion Rising Bollards can integrate with integrate with Centurion Access Control and CCTV Systems.


Manual Security Posts

When you need to control those parking areas that others keep using or just need a comparatively low-cost, low-tech but highly secure method of preventing unwanted vehicles gaining access to your property or parking facilities, Centurion Security Posts are the answer.

Either singly or in multiples, these robust posts provide security solutions to suit your requirements and your pocket. 

Centurion Security Posts are suitable for both residential and commercial locations -- or wherever you have a vehicle access or parking problem.

Centurion Security Posts and Manual Bollards


A Professional Comprehensive and Reliable Service

As you will have gathered by reading this overview, Centurion provide a professional, comprehensive and reliable service in relation to your automatic security barrier, bollard and security post requirements.  This is based on many years of experience on countless installations of every variety.

The majority of automatic security barrier, bollard and security post systems are installed externally and therefore need to function reliably under all weather conditions and abuse.

Our client list includes property developers, country estates, single and multi-user residential properties and commercial locations.

Simply contact us for further information and/or a thorough security audit.