CCTV in Aberdeen, Scotland: Centurion Security


Centurion are a leading provider and installer of high quality Digital Surveillance Solutions and CCTV Security Systems.

Our CCTV systems are suitable for use both as domestic and commercial security systems.  Here they can operate alongside, and significantly enhance the operation of, our other security products such as:

In the past, time-lapse CCTV was the cutting edge of surveillance equipment.  This was expensive and has been superceded by high-end computer based technology.  It has resulted in a more cost-effective CCTV security solutions providing enhanced recording quality, improved functionality and user control.  These improvements in CCTV technology have resulted in improved systems and a reduction in cost.

Our years of experience in Digital Surveillance, IT, Networks, Access Control and Electronics, allow us to provide complete surveillance solutions for our customers. We also offer full technical support and training to our customers.

Cutting-edge technology employing digital storage of unlimited CCTV footage, watermark protection and powerful remote viewing applications, gives you the perfect foundation for all your security needs.

Digital Surveillance Solutions  

Our Digital Surveillance Solutions are designed for a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Banking
  • Childcare
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel & Leisure
  • Oil and Gas
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale and Distribution

Whatever the application, Centurion has a solution for you.

CCTV Security Systems

Our CCTV Security Systems include Intelligent Video Analytics Surveillance Systems which offer real time video analysis alerts on missing/suspicious objects, object counting, object tracking and face detection.

We provide:

  • All sizes of CCTV security systems
  • CCTV Systems for day and night time surveillance
  • Invisible and Visible CCTV Security Systems
  • Networked CCTV
  • CCTV Systems built into your current systems
  • Audio enabled CCTV Systems
  • CCTV with integrated heat and motion detection systems
  • Remote Monitoring Systems

Please refer to the relevant pages within this CCTV section for further details of our PC-based Systems, Other Systems and Considerations, Cameras and the implications of such important areas as the Data Protection Act.