PC-Based CCTV in Aberdeen, Scotland: Centurion Security


The Centurion DigiCam Digital CCTV Surveillance System has been designed with the user in mind.   This digital CCTV system is extremely simple to operate, yet very comprehensive in concept.

Based around PC Based technology the DigiCam CCTV Surveillance System can be used on up to 16 cameras.   DigiCam uses built-in motion detect technology and can be set to record only moving objects.  The DigiCam system then stores this "footage" with a date and time stamp.

Using state-of-the-art technology these CCTV images are compressed on to the PC's Hard Disk.  DigiCam CCTV images can then be viewed remotely via a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

The advent of larger mass-storage disks means that increasing amounts of high-quality CCTV images can be held for longer periods of time.  Captured CCTV image resolution currently can be up to DVD-quality (i.e. 720 x 576 pixels, PAL standard or 720 x 480 pixels, NTSC standard).  Additional hard disks can be easily added to the system to increase capacity, plus DigiCam can easily archive stored footage to CD or DVD.

The system incorporates Advanced Video Analytics solutions which offer Real Time alerts on situations such as:

  • Missing Object Detection - Providing an audible/visual alert when predefined objects are removed from the camera view.
  • Suspicious Object Detection - Providing an audible/visual alert when suspicious objects of a certain size and shape are left unattended in the camera view.
  • Face Detection - Automatic face snapshot index created for simple playback and review.


Remote View Webcam Server

The DigiCam Digital CCTV Surveillance system has a wide range of remote view functionality, allowing users to view their cameras from anywhere in the world using 56K Modem, ISDN or Broadband.

The most powerful remote view solution is the  Webcam Server.


Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS will continually update a direct DNS address to point to your Geovision Webcam Server as the IP changes.

Remote Playback Server

As well as viewing live MPEG-4 streaming video of your DigiCam CCTV system, it is also possible to view all the previously recorded footage via the Webcam Server's Remote Playback Server.

DigiCam Control Centre

The DigiCam Control Centre is a very powerful software solution for integrating multiple DigiCam Digital CCTV Systems.

With Control Centre, networked DigiCam Systems and Input/Output (I/O) Devices can all be managed by one system

Control Centre allows full control of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), 64 camera Matrix camera display, remote viewlog playback and I/O Management.

Control Centre features include:

  • Remote Matrix View of up to 256 Cameras
  • Remote DigiCam DVR Configuration
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Remote ViewLog of multiple DigiCam Systems
  • I/O Central Panel