Automatic Remote Control Electric Garage Door Openers Aberdeen: Centurion Security

Centurion Automatic Garage Door Openers (sometimes called Remote Control Openers or Electric Operators) can be fitted to most garage doors either during initial installation or by "retrofit" to existing garage doors.





Sectional Doors and Retractable Up-and-Over Doors are usually fitted with "boom"-type drive units.

Canopy Up-and-Over Doors require the addition of a Conversion Arm (aka Bow Arm) for proper, reliable automation. Otherwise operation is similar to that of Sectional or Retractable doors.

These are normally belt-drive or chain-drive and have DC servo-controlled motors for greater control.

These types of openers incorporate "Soft Start & Stop", Courtesy Light and Anti-Theft features and demonstrate very smooth, quite operation.

Canopy Garage Door Conversion Arm



Roller Garage Door Automation

Steel-line Motor

Roller Garage Doors usually require Direct Drive or Tubular Motors depending on door type and mechanism.

Thermaglide Roller Doors are supplied with inbuilt automatic operation, whereas Steel-line Roller Curtain Doors offer electric operation as an optional extra.

Roller Garage Door Motors also incorporate Courtesy Light and Anti-Theft features.

Tubular Motors




Additional wired or wireless devices such as Push Buttons or Keypads can be fitted to complement operation.

Centurion Automatic Garage Door Openers provide inbuilt and optional Safety Features, including

  • Anti-crush Technology
  • Safety Edge
  • Safety Photocells.

Centurion automatic openers are CE compliant and installed to the latest UK IEE and BS standards.

In addition if you have a Centurion Automatic Gate System, the same remote-control system can be used to operate your automatic gates.

To find out more on Centurion Garage Door Automation simply contact us.