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Synthetic, Strong, Stylish and Maintenance-Free

Centurion GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) and ABS (Impact Resistant) Garage Doors are manufactured partly from synthetic materials which provide a combination of highly-effective aesthetics and strength.

There are essentially three categories (and finishes) within this Section:

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(Should you require in-depth technical information on the properties of GRP or ABS construction please click on these highlighted links.)



Glasswood Garage Doors have a highly detailed timber grain finish and are made from a strong GRP composite construction, giving improved security against forced entry without adding excess weight.  


The Premium range has steel reinforcing laminated into the rear of the door for added strength and rigidity.


The Deluxe range incorporates all the benefits of the Premium range, together with an additional flowcoat layer applied to the rear of the door, providing an attractive and smooth semi-gloss finish.  


Glasswood Doors are available in a choice of 16 wood-tone finishes, as shown below. 


Glasswood White Glasswood Magnolia Glasswood Light Maple Glasswood Bleached Oak Glasswood Light Oak Glasswood Honey Beech Glasswood Hazel Glasswood Golden Brown
White Magnolia Light Maple Bleached Oak Light Oak Honey Beech Hazel Golden Brown
Glasswood Dark Oak Glasswood Teak Glasswood Chestnut Glasswood Rosewood Glasswood Red Mahogany Glasswood Dark Mahogany Glasswood Bronze Sheen Glasswood_Ebony
Dark Oak Teak Chestnut Rosewood Red Mahogany Dark Mahogany Bronze Sheen Ebony




The Centurion range of low-maintenance Glasswhite Garage Doors are also made from a strong GRP composite construction. 

Glasswhite doors have similar qualities to those of the Glasswood category, including Premium and Deluxe range options.

All Glasswhite Garage Doors are fully finished in a white UV-fast high gloss.


ABS Elite

Due to the unique properties of the base material, ABS Elite doors are impact and dent resistant.  They are an ideal match for PVCu doors and windows.

Strong in construction...yet lightweight for effortless opening and closing.

ABS Elite Up-and-Over Garage Doors are fully finished in a UV-fast low-gloss brilliant white.



Door Types and Designs

The Door Types and Designs currently available are:   

Glasswood Glasswhite ABS Elite
Aspen Arcadian Bedford
Chelsea Belgravia Berkeley Vertical
Collingtree Carolina Berkeley Horizontal
Gwent Chelsea Horizontal
Hambledon Elgin Jacobean
Lyndhurst Georgian President
Mansfield Gloucester Regal
Nelson Herald Senator
Sulgrave Sunburst Tudor
Sutherland Westminster Vertical










You can click on any of the above images to view a larger picture of these examples of GRP or ABS doors. 

For further information on all our GRP and ABS Garage Door Types and Designs please Browse or Search our Gallery (see below).



Centurion Up-and-Over GRP and ABS Garage Doors are available in a range of Sizes:

Standard Single Widths (6'0" to 8'0" [1981 mm to 2438 mm])

  • Standard Double Widths (9'0" to 16'0" [2743 mm to 4877 mm])
  • Standard Heights (6'6" or 7'0" [1981 mm or 2134 mm])
  • Made-to-Measure.


Gearing Options

GRP and ABS Garage Doors are available in three Gearing mechanisms:

  • Canopy
  • Retractable
  • Maximiser Retractable.



Certain GRP and ABS models provide Glazing options.  These include Stippled Plain, Square Lattice, Diamond Lattice and Featured Glazing. 


Manual or Remote-Controlled Operation 

Remote-Contol HandsetCenturion Up-and-Over GRP or ABS Garage Doors can be manually-operated or have full remote-control operation for your convenience. 

In addition if you have a Centurion Automatic Gate System, the same remote-control system can be used to operate your automatic gates.


What Next?

For further information, current pricing, or to arrange a free survey simply contact us.

In the meantime you may wish to Browse or Search our Gallery (below).

Garage Doors - Up and Over GRP and ABS Gallery

Garage Doors - Up and Over GRP and ABS Gallery
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