Automatic Gates in Aberdeen, Scotland, Aprimatic, BFT, Beninca, CAME, Ditec, FAAC, Nice: Centurion Security

Automatic Security Gates have become increasingly popular, and Centurion can provide cost-effective solutions for:

  • Existing Gates
  • New Gates
  • New Entrances 

Existing Gates

Automating existing gates present few problems and often can be done with little or no modifications.  We can carry out any modifications, specify the operators suitable for the task and install them.

New Gates

You may have an entrance with old, dilapidated gates or, indeed, no gates at all.  

Our service includes providing designs suitable for your existing opening, also taking into account the nature and aesthetics of your property.  With our unique DigiGateTM facility, we can take pictures of your existing opening and superimpose a selection of suitable options to help you visualise and choose which is best for your property

New Entrances

If you are considering a completely new entrance and gate installation, our advice at an early stage can save time and wasted effort.  We offer a complete construction service including;

  • Design and planning
  • Groundwork and civils
  • Gates and their support structures
  • Power Supplies
  • Brickwork
  • Lighting
  • Other relevant issues 

Types of Automation Systems

Centurion can provide gate systems involving either Swing Gates or Sliding Gates.  Within each of these categories we can provide different types of drive units, including hydraulic and electromechanical solutions both above and blow ground level. 

Details of each type of system are contained in more detail under the relevant section.  Simply click on either of the above links to access the page.

Access Control Systems

All of our automatic security gate systems have a wide range of access control methods, both in terms of entrance and exit.  Very often these can vary considerably from one installation to the next.  However we can always provide a solution to suit your security, your access requirements, and your budget.

Typical access control systems linked to our range of automatic gates include:

  • Audio Entry Systems
  • Biometric Readers
  • Card Systems
  • Fob Systems
  • GSM Systems
  • Induction Loops
  • Keypads
  • Keyswitches
  • Radio-controls
  • Timers
  • Video Entry Systems
  • Wireless Systems

Related Automatic Gate Services

Depending on your property, location and specific requirements, you may wish to consider other options to operate alongside your automatic gates.  These include:

  • Pillars and Wall Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • CCTV
  • Matching Railings or Fencing

Centurion can provide professional advice and installation on any of the above.  Some of these items can operate in a variety of ways and to your choice.  For example lighting can be operated via a simple switch, or via a dawn/dusk sensor, or additionally only while the gates are operating -- whether during the day or at night.

Simply click on the relevant link for further information.

Safety Features

Health and safety are very important issues when considering an automatic securiuty gate system.  Poorly installed systems can cause damage or injury (or worse) to your vehicles, you/your family or friends and even your pets.  It goes without saying that all automatic gate systems installed by Centurion have inbuilt safety features.  These include:

  • Photocells
  • Induction Loops
  • Safety Edges

A Professional Comprehensive and Reliable Service

As, hopefully you will have gathered by reading this overview, Centurion provide a professional, comprehensive and reliable service in relation to your automatic security gate system requirements.  This is based on many years of experience on countless installations of every variety.

The majority of automatic gate systems are installed externally and therefore need to function reliably under all weather conditions and abuse.

Our client list includes property developers, country estates, single and multi-user residential properties, commercial locations.

Simply contact us for further information and/or a thorough, no-obligation survey.


Click below to download a Centurion Gate System Explanatory Sheet (PDF):

 PDF.image  Download Overview of Centurion Automatic Gate Systems PDF