Automatic Barriers in Aberdeen: Aprimatic, BFT, Beninca, CAME, Ditec, FAAC, Nice: Centurion Security

Centurion provide a range of automatic security barriers to enable companies and property owners control vehicle access to and from parking or other important areas. 

In some situations equivalent, more flexible or indeed superior solutions can be provided using Automatic Gate Systems or Automatic Rising Bollards as alternative methods of controlling vehicle access.


Typical examples of such applications include:

  • Controlled Traffic Flow programs
  • Health and Safety Traffic Issues in Industrial Yards 
  • Hotel, Hospital and Office Car Parks
  • Residential Development Parking Areas
  • Single or Joint Rear Parking Areas
  • Car Park Barrier

     Types of Automatic Security Barriers

    Centurion provide a number of barrier types, ratings and accessories depending on the specific user requirements.  These include:

    • Hydraulic drive units
    • Electro-mechanical drive units
    • Fast-action barriers
    • Intensive-use barriers
    • Continuous-use barriers
    • Varying Beam Widths 
    • Hinged Beams
    • Skirts
    • Signage

    Access Control Integration

    Centurion provide a wide range of Access Control Solutions to operate with our automatic security  barriers.  Access Control and related systems more commonly used with automatic barriers include:

    • Push-Button (manned operation)
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
    • Induction Loops (Entry or Exit)
    • Token-operated systems
    • Ticket-operated systems
    • Audio/Video Entry

    Videx 3K1S Audio Entry System

    Videx VX800 Keypad               Diracom DECT Handset

  • Keypad
  • Radio-controlled devices
  • Proximity Cards and/or Fobs
  • GSM Systems
  • Telephone Systems
  • For further details of our Access Control Systems please refer to that section. 

    Automatic Security Barriers can also be used in conjunction with CCTV Systems to provide a total security solution.

    Safety Features

    Health and safety are very important issues when considering an automatic security barrier system.  Poorly installed systems can cause damage or injury (or worse) to your vehicles, your staff  and third parties.  It goes without saying that all automatic barrier systems installed by Centurion have inbuilt safety features.  These include:

    • Photocells
    • Induction Loops
    • Safety Edges.

    A Professional Comprehensive and Reliable Service

    As you will have gathered by reading this overview, Centurion provide a professional, comprehensive and reliable service in relation to your automatic security barrier requirements.  This is based on many years of experience on countless installations of every variety.

    The majority of automatic security barrier systems are installed externally and therefore need to function reliably under all weather conditions and abuse.

    Our client list includes property developers, country estates, single and multi-user residential properties and commercial locations.

    Simply contact us for further information and/or a thorough security audit.


    Click below to download a Centurion Automatic Traffic Barrier Specification Sheet (PDF):

     PDF.image  Download ZT60/62/64 Electro-Hydraulic Automatic Traffic Barrier System PDF


     Download Area Electro-Mechanical Automatic Traffic Barrier System PDF

    Alternatively you can contact us for further information on these specific products or services.