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In the UK today, it is an unfortunate fact that business and home break-ins, theft and violent crime are steadily on the increase. 

Experts warn that this fact is likely to be exacerbated by the current global economic downturn as home and business contents become more obvious and easy targets for opportunist thieves.  Moreover, having gained entry to your property violence is a further likely result if they are disturbed or confronted.

While alarm and surveillance systems can help to secure your property, often they do not stop a break-in, as criminals know they have several minutes before anyone can respond. 

Centurion high-security window security products serve as both a visual deterrent against possible break-ins, and at the same time, a physical barrier against unwanted, illegal intrusion.

Depending on the particular location and requirements some window security products can also be extended over adjacent doors to form a complete, matching security barrier e.g. shop fronts or homes.

Centurion window security products are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and include:

Certain products include security industry accreditations, including the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPS 1175) and Secured by Design standards. 

Security Shutters

Steelline ProtectaLine_4

Centurion Security Shutters can be fitted over most window and door apertures, either on the outside or inside.  Operation can be either manual or automatic. 

Automatic Security Shutters can be operated via a range of wired, remote and wireless control devices, including "panic" buttons for rapid response in the event of an emergency.

Centurion Security Shutters also come in a variety of finishes to match your property.

Retractable Security Grilles

Centurion Retractable Security Grilles (sometimes called Collapsible Security Grilles or Concertina Grilles) can be fitted to almost any window or door aperture.

They can be fixed, retract to one side (known as single sash) or retract to both sides (double sash).  In addition they can be designed to swing "out of the way" when open, and when fitted over a doorway, the bottom track can be lifted out of the way.  Thus when closed they are a veritable security deterrent, but when open, hardly detectable when hidden behind, for example, curtains.


Centurion Retractable Security Grilles are finished in zinc-plated, anti-rust coatings.  They are also available in a variety of colours and are complete with high-security locking systems.

Security Screens 


Notably the Centurion Vandal Protection Screen range.   This range comprises thin galvanised steel sheets with fine perforations and pitch.  The sheets are fully enclosed in an aluminium frame with a reinforced aluminium cover strip to protect the fixings.

Centurion Vandal Protection Screens provide an excellent 60% visibility, can be manufactured in a variety of colours.

Security Bars

Made-to-measure Centurion Security Bars (also known as Anti-Burglar Bars) can be fitted to the reveal of a window, face fixed on to the surface of the reveal or a combination of the two. They can also be fitted vertically and horizontally.

They comprise 20mm solid steel bars, are ideal for vulnerable premises and are designed to rotate to prevent attack from tools, such as hack saws.

Centurion Security Bars are available in a range of colours.


A Professional Comprehensive and Reliable Service

As you will have gathered by reading this overview, Centurion provide a professional, comprehensive and reliable service in relation to your window security requirements.  This is based on many years of experience on countless installations of every variety.

Our client list includes property developers, country estates, single and multi-user residential properties and commercial locations.

Simply contact us for further information and/or a thorough security audit. 


Click below to download a Centurion Window Security System Explanatory Sheet (PDF):

 CCX1 Retractable Security Grille PDF Image  Download CCX1 Retractable Security Grille System PDF
 CCX2 Retractable High-Security Grille PDF Image Download CCX2 Retractable Security Grille System PDF
 CCX3 High-Retractable Security Grille PDF Image Download CCX3 Retractable Security Grille System PDF
 OptiGuard Vandal Protection Window Security Screen PDF Image Download OptiGuard Window Vandal Protection Screen System PDF
Loss Protection Certification Board Notes PDF Image Download Loss Protection Certification Board Notes PDF